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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  February 14, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PST

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emotional meeting here on the peninsula as the county of san mateo considers shutting down a long-term care facility. i'm bob redell, that story coming up. a home invasion in antioch turns deadly overnight, but it's the homeowner who's still standing. i'm christie smith, i'll explain what happened coming up also a toddler hit as bullets fly in a bay area nail salon. nbc bay area news at 11:00 starts now.
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good morning. thanks for being with us. i'm marla tellez. >> i'm jon kelley. this morning, more than 200 elderly patients in need of long-term care could be forced from their home. >> san mateo county says its nursing home in burlingame is too old and outdated to keep open. nurses say that's not the case. billry dell is live. almost 200 jobs could be lost, if this care center is shut down. good morning. >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you, marla and jon. the county board of supervisors running a special meeting here. you can see they're taking a break but trying to decide the future of the county-run burlingame long-term care facility. some of its residence, ones who were able, arrived in their wheelchairs, to plead with supervisors to renew the facility's lease and not let the facility shut down. >> today's valentine's day. this place is more than a heart.
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please, please give us a miracle. >> please let us stay together because we are family. >> reporter: closing the facility would force the 230 patients who live there to find another place to live and would cost the job of 0 the 185 people who work there. now the board is considering a shutdown because of the county will start losing $9 million a year to keep it running. it argues that it is one of only fibe counties statewide that provides long-term care though not obligated to. a civil grand jury do not want to the lease is outdated. toilet rooms are not compliant, one of the vats are doesn't work and both stairwells are narrow. >> look at the hospital, it's way worse condition that's this
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place is and nobody's talking anything that. >> if we had to evacuate people i think it would be impossible. i used to do emergency procedures and it seems it would be impossible to evacuate 100-some odd people on the second floor, you'd have to carry them down stairways. how would you do that? >> reporter: if the county decides to shut down burlingame long term care will have 60 months before the lease expires which it argues would be enough time to help residents find new homes and nurses and other workers new jobs. a twist this morning, the building's landlord spoke and he offered to negotiate terms of the lease, renegotiate them if that would help the county keep the facility open. it's not clear if the board is going to take him up on the offer. live here in millbrae, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> also today a toddler among victims wounded after two gunmen burst into a nail salon and started shooting. the men entered teenna's nails
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after 7:00 last night. witnesses say they shot a female customer three times. a friend of the wounded woman fired back. at least four people were hit in the exchange of gunfire, including a 2-year-old girl. investigators say they're not sure why the men targeted the salon. >> at this point we don't have a motive. detectives are here, working on this, trying to piece it together. we've got witnesses we're talking to. >> two more people shows up later on at the hospital with gunshot wounds. investigators are trying to determine if they also were involved. this morning, east bay man is standing after wrestling a begun from the hands of a burglar and shooting him dead. nbc bay area's christie smith join us from outsuide the home. >> reporter: good morning. the man who kicked in the front door probably wasn't counting on what happened next.
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police say the homeowner actually fought back against this would-be burglar, able to wrestle the gun away from him, and ended up shooting him several times. that man pronounced dead at the scene here on the 4800 block of wexler peak way near the golf course in antioch, around 8:30. a man knocked on the front door first but the resident inside was with his young son and didn't answer the door right away. investigators believed the burglar assumed that no one was home. exactly why this house was picked is unclear, but antioch police did detain a woman at the scene, trying to figure out what her involvement in this was, if any. this is the sixth shooting in antioch in just three days. police don't think they're related. but of the six, so far two of them have turned deadly. in antioch, christie smith. i'll send it back to you in san jose. this morning, san joaquin county investigates searching through an abandons well for human remains.
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rain forcing crews to call off the search yesterday at a ranch near lyndon. investigators have uncovers more than 300 pieces of human bones. they were led to the location by one of two serial killers who claimed his partner dumped more than a dozen bodies there in the '80 and '90s about. the sheriff's office has gotten swarmed with calls from worried families. he's asking the crime lab to rush the test to quickly identify the remains. hours from now an east bay teenager, who admitted killing his parents, is expected to answer to charges in court. 15-year-old is being tried as an adult. police say the boy confessed to strangling his adoptive parents at their oakland home last month and trying to set their car on fire with the bodies inside. investigators say there had been tension in the home over his repeated suspension from school. funeral home handling services to for whitney houston say there are no plan for a
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public memorial. held saturday in newark, new jersey at the church where she first showcased her singing talents as a child. funeral will be private and by invitation only. there had been talks about putting on a public memorial but the funeral home says that is not the case. >> they thanked all of them, fans, friends, and the media, but at this time this is their private time. they have shared her for 30-some years with the city, with the state, with the world. this is their time now for their farewell. >> houston's body was flown home after sunday's autopsy in l.a. the los angeles coroner says there were not a lot of prescription bottles in houston's hotel room at the beverly hills hilton. houston of course found unconscious and submerged in her bathtub when she was found saturday afternoon. a 12-year-old boy from davis showing wisdom beyond his years as he finds himself home alone as a burglar tries to break in.
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>> he's trying to break into our back door. >> did you see the subject or you can just hear them? >> i saw them. >> the boy's mother just left home to run an errand when the boy spotted the intruder. he locked himself in a bathroom and managed to stay calm even giving the dispatcher a description of the suspect. two minutes later his voice gets quiet and shaky as he realizes the burglar may be inside the home. >> i think he's in my house. >> i want you to keep whisp whispering. if you feel too scared to talk to me, put the phone down but do not hang up. moments later police came speeding down the street with sirens blaring. the burglar managed to get away but the boy's maturity and quick thinki thinking kept him out of harm's way. a bay area woman honored for another extraordinary act of courage, she was the guest of honor in san francisco. williams, if you recall, saved a man's life last october, pulling him from the fiery crash on
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highway 101 in san francisco. williams managed to drag the unconscious man from the burning cement truck and then flagged down firefighters for help. >> i appreciate everyone for, you know, just seeing that what i did was a good deed. but it just came from the heart because i would want someone to do it for me. >> that is amazing. true life hero there. the fire chief says without williams the rescue crews may not have seen that man until it was much too late in that fire. unbelievable. >> calling her a good samaritan an understatement. >> great job there. cold start to the day dedicated to warm love. meteorologist christina loren joins us with a look at forecast. >> keep your love going right by your side for today. it on the cool side. we'll warm up nicely by this afternoon. right now we're starting to climb in temperature, 56 in sunnyvale. 53 in san jose. we want to help you plan those valentine's day outings. by noon today for your midday
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rendezvous, a mix of sun and clouds, 54 degrees. evening fling at 5:00 p.m., 57. those going on a late date, 51 degrees. so basically, you'll need that jacket all day long. you can go sans umbrella until tomorrow morning. a round of rain on the way and another one for this weekend. a lot to talk about. we'll get your seven-day forecast coming up. beautiful job with the graphics, heart, roses. feeling the love. >> it's my gift to you. >> see you soon. appreciate that gift. coming up, the leader of the free world greets the future leader of china. how the president is building stronger ties to beijing just ahead. san jose firefighter adopt a new life-saving iphone app. we'll take a look at it, coming up plus, tiny dogs going across the country in search of you little valentine's day love. the flight out of sfo that had little bark but no bite. and how about a live look at
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the bouquets at the san francisco wholesale flower market? of course very busy day for florists. twevervalentine's day, y.
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president obama spent part of his morning trying to strengthen u.s.-china relations. the president meeting with china's vice president at white house today. beg expected to become china's party leader later this year. the two have a plan to improve strategic and economic relations. >> it also includes the work that we've been able to do together in dealing with regional hot spot issues like the korean peninsula and issues like iran that obviously have an impact on everybody. glad that you're going to get an opportunity to get out of washington. >> two talked about unrest in
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tibet. coincidentally outside the white house, protesters showing their support to free tibet. a defense secretary, leon panetta, defending the pentagon's slimmed-down budget. speaks to the senate armed forces committee, he says the proposed $614 billion spending plan shows his department is serious about reducing the deficit. it's about $5 billion less than last year and some lawmakers are concerned national security is being sacrificed. panetta himself acknowledges the u.s. cannot let its guard down. >> a nation at war in afghanistan. we still face threats to our homeland from terrorism. there is a dangerous proliferation of lethal weapons and materials. >> panetta says cuts were carefully considered. the reduxs will hit all 50 states. scott mcgrew steps, telling apple made history opening above
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$500 a share. >> good morning. apple moving to the positive, up about three bucks. every cent of the positive is another all-time record. recall apple turned in the biggest profit histories in weeks ago and more profit as head. latest speculation is apple will announce the ipad 3 on march 7th. now apple yesterday started permitting independent inspectors into its factories. apple doesn't own these factories but it does -- has come under considerable criticism for poor working conditions there. san jose firefighter department will announce a new iphone app that alerts if someone nearby is in need of cpr. 911 gets the call someone's had a heart attack, sends out an ambulance but at the same time alerts anyone in the immediate area with an iphone somebody needs help. it doesn't teach you cpr, it connects those who need cpr with those who know it. back story on this app is quite
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incredible. it was invented by firefighters in san ramon who are all too happy to let san jose use it. in fact guys in san ramon have a tv commercial a psa, public service announcement, simply awesome. it is beautifully filmed, explains exactly what the app does and how it works. i've posted a link to the video on our nbc bay area facebook page. i guarantee you'll love this short film and get teary eyed too. that, too, created by firefighter in san ramon. >> we'll have to check that out. of course everybody it is valentine's day. and that means florists are especially busy. we do have a live look at san francisco wholesale flower mart. beautiful roses. all kinds of gorgeous displays are being sent out today. christina loren joins us now. how's this v-day shaping up weather-wise? >> looking good. i'm sure three bouquets have your name on it marla.
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we'll see a nice day. we're holding back showers until tomorrow morning. temperatures this afternoon will be nice and mild. 58 degrees in san jose. we've got plenty of 60s out there as well. as we head throughout the afternoon, hit 63 in los gados. 59 today in san francisco. by tomorrow, area of low pressure dives to the south. for us, that means we'll see very light and isolated showers. by the afternoon, a cloudy finish, nice and mild but not as warm as it will be with lack of sunshine we have out there today. enjoy that sunshine while it lasts. let's show you the futurecast for tomorrow, what we are expecting. not much of anything. between 7:00 and 10:00 tomorrow the best chance for seeing showers. let's show you what the last round of rain brought. mt. hamilton -- excuse me, video from chopper, they were live earlier, flying over mt. hamilton. today we are going to lose a lot
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of the snow because it will be warm. tomorrow it might be cold enough, showers timing out just right for even more snow high atop mt. hamilton. the point i'm trying to make, we're getting a taste of winter and it's going to last all week. saturday into sunday, we get another round of rain that will likely, i'm saying likely at this point, halt that construction over the bay bridge. showers looking promising on sunday. they might be able to get a little work done on saturday. sunday i believe they'll have to at least postpone that construction. as we head through monday, clearing in the afternoon hours. good news is, guys, get out there and enjoy, get your hair done, get dressed up, have a good time tonight and forget about the umbrella until tomorrow morning. >> exactly, get my hair done. maybe nails too. i don't know. something to warm your heart. how about a special val tin for bay area dogs? just looking for a little love. >> nbc bay area's diane dwyer
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shows us the travel size c chihuahua. >> reporter: calling operation chihuahua, serious stuff going on. folks with their chihuahuas ready to board planes headed for new york city on virgin. rebecca katz the director of san francisco animal care and control. why? why are you taking all of these chihuahuas to new york? >> we see over abundance of mixes coming into the california shelters. they're in high demand on the east coast. of course we try to place them here, we would place them here, but slowly it's a process. they're in high demand in new york. the -- this is our fourth flight. the first day of our first flight, the first day they became avilable, there was a line around the block in new york ready to take them home. they move through the shelter system much faster. >> got to make you feel pretty good. >> makes us very happy. as proud as we are of the work
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we do, a shelter's not a place for an animal, they should be in someone's home. >> reporter: who do you have with you? >> buster brown, a 5-month-oldically what what. >> reporter: hi, buster. very sweet. >> he's looking for a new home. as many as we take to east coast, we fill up again. so we still have a number of chihuahua as the shelter here in san francisco. san francisco animal care and control, a city shelter, we have a number of lovely chihuahuas looking for homes. there's no shortage. >> reporter: but there is a shortage in new york, makes sense. >> right. it being an urban area, small dogs are good for them in apartment living but they get large dogs. so the small ones are highly desirable. >> reporter: thanks a lot, rebecca katz from san francisco animal care and control. we're at ground central for operation chihuahua headed over to new york to get some of the dogs good homes. back to you guys. >> great cause. thank you. we can tell you it's a first class affair for these guys.
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a snapshot of the dogs on board the flight. getting star treatment from the flight crew before keff-o. got to love the sweaters. >> probably get extra peanuts. coming up sending a and get ready to go t. the country banning valentine's day, just ahead. >> sounds intense. plus, if you want to go back to the future, how about the real-life hoover board that may let you soar just like marty mcfly. [ cellphone rings ] hey honey!
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guys... [ female announcer ] pillsbury cinnamon rolls with cinnabon cinnamon are an irresistible sunday morning idea. nothing calls them to the table faster. sunday morning ideas made easy. over in iran a lot of young people celebrating valentine's day though the holiday's banned over there. here's the deal. the islamic state frowns upon the holiday because, well, it's considered an unwelcome western custom. shops not allowed to promote valentine's gift but a lot sell presents like flowers and chocolates. last year iran outlawed cards,
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gifts and outlawed other valentine-themed items. he left his heart in san francisco and tonight he's coming back to get it. ♪ i left my heart >> sing to me, tony. just hours the one and only tony bennett marking the 50th anniversary of the first performance of the iconic song. >> still looks good too. >> yeah, he does. performing at a private benefit concert for the cardiology department 6:30 at the fairmont hotel in san francisco. want to time travel just like marty mcfly? >> of course i do. >> the "back to the future" hoover board thatistmas.ckg byh. ♪ [ male announcer ] for our families... our neighbors... and our communities... america's beverage companies have created a wide range of new choices.
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back and happy valentine's
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day to you. video from last year's great pillow fight in san francisco. now they'll be back at it again tonight at 6:00 at justin herm. plaza. we'll fly you into just. herman, 52 degree, staying on the cool side. great place to take your valentine date or an ex, that would be my advice to you. temperatures on the cool side. bundle up. and grab a fresh, clean pillow. back to you guys. >> okay. thank you. finally, ever see a movie with one of those crazy mind-blowing fantasy gadgets and you walk out of the theater bummed because you can't have one? >> happens to me all the time. good news, your dreams may be coming true just in time for christmas. forget the ipad 3, get ready to go back to the future with a real-life hoover board. mattel unveiling it so you can be fly like marty mcfly, cruising back to the future like the sequel. not just like mcfly. mattel says its hoover board
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will glide more than hoover. it will have a feature of a whooshing sound. >> preorders start in march. it's a high-cost item, the company says minimum number of orders is not met the board is not going to into production. >> they're not saying how expensive. >> happy valentine's day. honey...? [ mom ] yes.
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